Here at Thimble, cushions can be made in any size to suit your room. They can be square, rectangular or made in bolster shape, piped in contrasting fabric orΒ have trims and pompoms sewn in – the possibilities are endless!

Bespoke box cushions or French mattresses can be made for seating areas, custom-made to fit your space, in your choice of fabric, with piping or trims.

All fabric is ordered through Thimble. I can source most fabrics, and work with a broad range of designers and suppliers including, but not limited to: Ian Mankin, Blendworth, Fermoie, Warwick, Sanderson, Korla, Sarah Hardaker, Harlequin, Morris & Co., Scion, Linwood, Charlotte Gaisford, Susie Hetherington, Swaffer, Barneby Gates, Clarke & Clarke, Bluebellgray, Fibre Naturelle, Rapture & Wright, Abraham Moon, Flohr & Co., Meg Morton fabrics, Olive + Daisy, Molly Mahon, Julia Brendel, Belynda Sharples, James Brindley, Titley & Marr & Leaping Foxes Designs.

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